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Financial Times (FT) article features Marketcore technology 1/15
Marketcore cover story: Re-energizing the bond market 1/15
Scotsman Guide: Marketcore enables 21st century risk management for mortgage markets 11/14
Five Insurance Thought Leadership stories: Marketcore IP 5-9/14
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Ninth Patent Granted Creating New Risk Assessment Tools 3/14
Marketcore Monetizes Data, Pioneering Interactive Finance 2/14
CPCU Society reprints article citing Marketcore as solution (see pg 9) 12/13
Former US Comptroller General explains Marketcore methods key to financial liquidity 1/14
Former US Comptroller General Joins Marketcore 10/13
"It's Time to Change the World" – IRES: The Regulator cites Marketcore solution 02/13
CRS report names Marketcore methods for financial and environmental risk assessment 02/13
Lead risk manager cites Marketcore methods as "national priority" for RMBS at CIPR/NAIC luncheon 11/12
Insurance industry white paper identifies Marketcore as solution for valuing RMBS 8/12
Nat'l Univ. of Singapore article names MC methods "Prospect" for credit markets 7/12
American Banker article commends MC technology to Systemic Risk Council 7/12
Marketcore issued
3rd patent, for
Netbacking, 9/11
Marketcore featured
once again in
Compliance Matters
CPCU Society Newsletter, 7/11 Issue
Marketcore featured
in 7/11 issue of
Risk Magazine
Marketcore featured
in 3/11 issue of
Risk Magazine
Marketcore's first
international press,
The Elevator, Fall 2010
2nd patent described as
"Ticker Tape" identifying
risks in bond markets in
8/10 Securities
Technology Monitor
Marketcore featured
in Compliance Matters
CPCU Society Newsletter, 6/10 Issue

Marketcore is a markets innovation company dedicated to enhancing financial and insurance markets with patented solutions that offer benefits to all market participants.

Marketcore’s intellectual property (IP) facilitates the creation of unique data processing systems for more efficient financial and insurance markets that span the market from consumer to end-user investor. Marketcore’s IP enables:

  • More, and better quality information by incorporating updated risk disclosures throughout the life of a contract, all in real time 
  • Identification of risks and patterns of risk in markets, a particularly useful feature in fractured markets and opaque financial products
  • Improved price discovery and risk assessment in all financial and insurance products from first inquiry (pre-trade) through all secondary market transactions (post-trade) to final placement – even in the most complex products
  • The continuous revaluation of both individual financial contracts and pooled securities
  • Evaluation of the quality and quantity of risk data available for an instrument, providing a confidence metric for the instrument itself
  • Identification of evolving, potentially systemic, risks

All of which result in:

  • Increased investor confidence (essential to maintaining volumes and liquidity)
  • Lower transaction costs and improved efficiencies:  as risks are more fully disclosed, the cost of transfers decline and the efficiencies of risk matching increase.
  • The foundation for new generations of risk-differentiated products and the opportunity for sustainable growth and development of financial markets

Transparency is at the heart of corporate governance, risk detection and risk management, and consistent financial returns.  Marketcore offers a way to reduce uncertainty and thereby profitably boost asset values and re-build market confidence for even the most complex risks.

Some of the leading risk and accountability authorities have studied and written about the potential transformative, risk-identifying and cost-saving benefits that would derive from implementation of Marketcore’s patented methodologies.

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Financial markets are changing and Marketcore's proprietary technology is key to shaping the financial and insurance markets of the future.

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Marketcore “identified the problems in the financial markets that led to the credit and liquidity crisis and devised a solution.”

Congressional Research Service "CRS Report for Congress: Financing Recovery from
Large-scale Natural Disasters,"
November 18, 2008



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