Marketcore, founded in 2000, has grown out of decades of experience in all aspects of risk markets. We understand that healthy, dynamic, well-functioning markets share a common set of characteristics:

  •  Timely access to information about market activity
  •  The ability to track risk data in contracts
  •  And to view and compare that data easily

By addressing the disconnects between market sectors and by

illuminating risk, our methods create more stable, functional, and profitable markets for all participants.


Marketcore’s proprietary technologies have received national and international recognition. Through our affiliates in insurance, climate change, and sustainable finance, we are developing innovative products in those markets




Michael Erlanger, Founder and Managing Principal, spent the first 35+ years of his career on Wall Street as a top-ranked corporate bond broker, trader, institutional salesman and department head. Subsequently, he co-founded two profitable Wall Street broker dealers.



Constance Erlanger, Founder and Managing Principal, her professional background includes positions as credit analyst in commercial lending; market research analyst in commodities and foreign exchange; and, real estate lending and management.



Clinton J. Kendrick, Director, Founder, was for ten years President and Director at Alliance Capital Management. Subsequently, he was a co-founder and partner of Ranieri Wilson & Co. and, President and CEO of Hyperion Capital Management.



Matthew B. Schoen, Director, is founder and president of MB Schoen & Associates, Inc. (MBSA), founding principal of Private Placement Insurance Products, LLC (a FINRA B/D), Concept Hedging, LLC, CyArch, LLC and zChocolat.com. Matt has over 25 years of experience in benefit finance and hedging; both non-qualified and general welfare and insurance product development.








Robert Butler, Founder and former Acting CFO of Marketcore. He previously held the positions of Senior VP of Inmont Corp, CFO of the National Broadcasting Company; CFO of both International Paper and Celgene Corp. and Chairman of The Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council (FASAC).



Hugh Carter Donahue, Ph.D, public policy analyst on innovative information technology for credit and risk evaluation and ascription, and, for securitized and structured products in financial services; and on advanced research for photovoltaic and piezoelectric fabrics and textiles.



Laurence T. Fell, Founder and investor, former President of Marketcore. He was previously a Partner of Lehman Brothers in fixed income trading and sales; and held similar positions at Smith Barney, UBS, and Alex Brown.



Peter Glicklich, Managing Partner of the New York office of Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP and a senior tax partner with the firm, advising North American and
foreign-based companies on their domestic and international operations and activities.



Stephen P. McNamara, Managing Member of St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens LLC, an intellectual property law firm in Stamford, Connecticut. His practice covers a diverse range of technologies, from pharmaceutical and medical products to financial and software systems.



David M. Rowe, Founder and President of David M. Rowe Risk Advisory, a consultancy focused on risk management support for boards and senior executives of financial institutions.



Anthony W. Schweiger, former Marketcore board member; CEO and Managing Principal of The Tomorrow Group, LLC, a governance and management consultancy.



Byron C. Vielehr, former Marketcore board member, is group president of Fiserv, depository institution services. Previously he was President D&B International & Global Operations at Dun & Bradstreet; CIO and Chief Quality Officer of Dun and Bradstreet.

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